Panagiotis Roubatsis

Software Developer

Work Experience

Leap Tools - Software Developer

2019 - Present

Full-Stack Web Development, Graphics, and Machine Learning.

Full work history available on LinkedIn

IBM Canada - Software Developer Intern


Java, MicroProfile, and Kubernetes.

Climax Media - QA Intern

2016 - 2018

Manual Testing, Selenium, Cucumber, NodeJS, and React.

Personal Projects

Procedural City

Generate a city without any existing models or textures. The goal of this project was to learn and apply some procedural generation techniques and how to create renderable assets using only code.

Audio Visualizer

Visualize your music using a variety of different effects. The goal of this project was to obtain an insight into how sound can be analyzed with software. This project generated ideas for some other mini-projects such as the sound messenger which allows two computers to communicate by beeping.

Kanboard Discord Bot

Control Kanboard using commands in Discord. The goal of this project was to provide an alternate method of interacting with Kanboard. Kanboard is often difficult to use on mobile devices, and even on desktop sometimes it's just more convenient to do common operations through a CLI-type experience.

Docker Hub Kubernetes Deployer

Deploy docker containers to Kubernetes when images are pushed to Docker Hub. The goal of this project was to have automated deployments of personal projects to my self-hosted cluster without the overhead or cost of a full-fledged CI/CD platform.

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